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Visiting Chicago’s Newberry Research Library By Uta Staley

The Newberry has served as Chicago’s largest independent research library since its establishment in 1887. Today, it contains a treasure trove of historical media, from early 16th-century manuscripts to a plethora of modern-day publications. It continues to receive new materials for its collections on a regular basis.

With collections made up of documents, manuscripts, maps, books, music, and other media, The Newberry has accumulated a fantastic assemblage of materials related to the great history and culture of this country. In addition to its large supply of historical materials, The Newberry has a fine collection of digital resources.

Visitors hoping to visit the reading rooms are required to apply for a Reader’s Card in person, and they must be 16 or older. There is no fee, but you will need a picture ID, proof of your current home address, and a short description of your research interests.

As an independent institution, The Newberry relies on the generosity of others for the upkeep of its collections. To make a donation, visit All donations are tax deductible.

Uta Staley is a private investor and philanthropist working in the travel industry. She has long been a sponsor of notable institutions including The Newberry, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Adler Planetarium.


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