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The Chicago Botanic Garden Butterflies & Blooms Exhibition

Since retiring from a career in the travel industry spanning more than 25 years, Uta Staley has continued to travel recreationally throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. When she is not abroad, Uta Staley calls Chicago her home and supports several local educational organizations, including the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Established more than 40 years ago, the Chicago Botanic Garden has flourished into one of the largest living museums and conservation science centers in the world, encompassing more than 385 acres across 9 islands. The Butterflies & Blooms exhibit is among one of its most successful displays, showcasing more than 30 unique and endangered butterfly species from throughout the world since 2012. Situated in a mesh enclosure spanning more than 2,800 square feet, more than 600 flowering plants provide nectar to various species. During peak seasons, visitors can see up to 500 butterflies in a single visit. Staff maintain a pupa emergence room where visitors can see the various stages of chrysalis development, which is critical for repopulating the collection of butterflies, which normally live only two to four weeks. To learn more about Chicago Botanic Garden hours and admission fees, visit


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